Hi there!

My name is Irere Romeo Kwihangana. The name is quite long, and you might have some questions about pronunciation. Most people call me Romeo, and you can do the same. There's a pronunciation guide at if you scroll further down.

Since I graduated college in 2014, I tried to became a circuit card designer at GE Aviation Systems, but I ended up doing avionics and power systems engineering instead. That was fun for awhile until it wasn't, so I am now transitioning into software engineering. For that, I take classes at Sinclair Community College and I have some side projects that I am working on as well. I also spend time working on a podcast, Two Black Nerds (currently being rebooted), that I co-host.

So I started a thing

As part of my efforts to learn how to code, I decided to make a cryptocurrency news aggregator, kamecrypto, and it's been a great learning experience. I admit that I learned more than I anticipated, in planning, coding, and deploying it. I've enjoyed the experience to this point, and I plan on working on it for the foreseeable future.

What can I expect from Notes by Romeo K.?

I want to give people a detailed account of my learning journey, so I'll be writing about my progress, and process on kamecrypto, and others project that I build, my methods and philosophies around learning and my journey of switching careers.

How do I pronounce your name?

Here's a phonetic guide to pronounce my full name:

  • IRERE : e -ray -ray (if you can, roll your r's)
  • ROMEO: Romeo (like the Shakespeare one)
  • KWIHANGANA: qui -han -ghana (like the country but spelled differently

and now you know how to pronounce my name too !